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About Me

Do people even visit actual websites anymore?? I thought we all stayed on social media now. I like it you fucking hipster, now you're here this is what you can find...

I've just put up some new videos,  you'll find them in the video section of all places.

If your attention span can go more than a few minutes you can download a couple of my full shows from the shop

I'm about to embark on a European tour with Netflix's Daniel Sloss too, all my live dates can be found in my gig list, I hope we pass by you so you can join us. I'll also be visiting Oz early in 2019, dates to be added for those. 

Oh and you can find our podcast on iTunes or Podbean "Sloss and Humphries on the Road" to keep up with the tour as we go, It's usually hilarious!

That's my offering. Enjoy. If you're headed back to social media I try keep my Insta story well lit, I'm on there as "Kaihumphries" the joy of a unique name.